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About Photography

A successful photograph not only depicts something – it also simultaneously reveals the singularity of its subject.


I am satisfied when my photographs carefully balance and make visible the tension between spontaneity and composition, effortlessness and deliberation, at times only disclosing their full depth upon closer examination. The camera's aperture is open when capturing an image. My way of seeing is just as open: I adjust to the circumstances. Sometimes time is short, the assignment urgent, the transformation is already in progress or has already taken place. Sometimes, there is enough time to immerse yourself in the object, to see it from continuously new perspectives, to explore it and follow it with the camera.


This openness, however, must be accompanied by technical skill, intense concentration, sensitivity, and a great deal of experience in order to create meaningful and timeless photographs.





Any structure is more than its inside and outside. It is an entirety assembled from the details; it is brimming with ideas – some clearly expressed, others hidden at first. Buildings have a history. Whether it is in the process of being made, is used, reused, or unused, or even awaiting demolition, I approach each structure with an open mind and an awareness of its story.


Art and Culture

People are the source of art, and its destination. While an image or an object can be perceived as a pure artifact in its essence, they also exist in a context and want to be perceived within it. Both the work on its own and in its context can be photographically illustrated. I am curious about artworks and the people who create them.



Museums are places of safeguarding, contemplation, and concentration. They are also places of exchange and centers of lively encounters. When photographing a museum, I wish to express these facets, to portray the opportunities for concentration and contemplation as well as communication.



People change over the course of their life. They change depending on the mood or circumstances. Faces in particular change in very special ways. My portraits reveal the moment where someone is, right now. They attempt at once to fathom the person's fundamental nature or to convey what the person wishes to reveal.



Pictures should transmit the substance of a business. To accomplish this, I immerse myself in the core messages and goals of a company or a brand through conversations and my own research, before taking photographs. This forms the foundation for a coherent strategy that I translate into images.


Uncommissioned Works

This work takes me back to what originally drew me to photography: the question of how to capture in photographs what I personally perceive as stimulating and fascinating. And along with it, how can I – a careful and reserved observer – depict something that is also fascinating to others, how can I share my gaze with them, and lead them to new perspectives?


About Me

Architecture, art, or portraits – I photograph with great curiosity the imminency of life and the world as it reveals itself to me. My approach is determined by the question, »How do I give the building, artwork, or person the space they deserve, yet at the same time, take a photograph that is distinctive and unmistakably mine?« To achieve this, restraint is required. Distance – appropriate to the person and situation at hand – decides how to traverse the tightrope that ends in a connection. When taking photographs, I am searching for the auspicious meeting of mind, eye, and hand, and for the continuous perfection of my craft. Since completing my education at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, I have acquired extensive experience in all genres. This experience is as important to my work as my ability to engage in confrontation and change.

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